Week 4

Feedback from organisers

  • It was confirmed that the initial aim of the programme was to broaden the understanding of project participants instead of specifically deepening the understanding of each participant’s background
  • It was acknowledged that there was a successful connection with local communities throughout Scotland; this was particularly the case in Orkney
  • Acknowledgement of the accommodating attitudes of the researchers in following the itineraries presented to them

Feedback from participants

The following delegates feedback on behalf of each of the 5 groups and represented the views of the whole. This session was slightly different to the previous weeks and it was conducted prior to leaving Scotland for the airport.

  1. Lisman
    1. Recognition of the short timescale to develop training programme
    2. It was generally acknowledged that the participants were provided with more than was expected  by the organisers, with the time made available for preparation
    3. Also acknowledged the complications imposed on the organisers due to the presence of the two groups within one itinerary
    4. It was highlighted that “ice-breaking” events at the beginning of the programme could assist future groups connect with each other more effectively
  2. Dwi
    1. Bu Dwi also acknowledged the accomplishment to create the programme in the time that was made available
    2. Thanks was extended to all the staff involved in the organisation and deliver of the programme
    3. Bu Dwi also expressed an interest in future collaboration, both professionally and academically.  Particular emphasis was put on further study into fields related to marine renewable energy
  3. Sita
    1. Bu Sita followed the sentiment expressed by Pac Liman and Bu Dwi.  Particular thanks extended to Gaynor Jones and Alan Owen
    2. The content of the programme was highlighted has being a great opportunity for younger researchers to gain international experiences and exposure
    3. An apology, on behalf of the researchers, was also expressed for any trouble experienced by the programme organisers during the duration of the training programme (This was not necessary as there has been no trouble)


  • Confirmed feedback would feed into any future programmes where possible
  • All researchers were thanked for their kind words towards the efforts made by the programme organisers.