Biotechnology for zerg, Na'vi etc types: tough sans titanium  


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Basically, this is for ideas for biological "technologies" for folks who don't use convention steel-and-gear type technologies but are still powerful -- like the Zerg from Starcraft, the Na'vi from Avatar, and other squishy-but-tough types. Alternatively, it may be used as a supplement for conventional technology folks.Ideas? Bio-kevlar:Normal kevlar is made of terephthalyl chloride (Cl-CO-Ph-CO-CL)and p-diaminobenzene (NH2-Ph-NH2). I think bio-kevlar would be a bit different -- by anology with other bio-polymers, I think it would be based on p-aminobenzoic acid (NH2-Ph-COOH) instead. PABA is already well-documented as a biochemical compound. Bio-kevlar wouldn't be that different from DuPont's version otherwise, except for the fact that each strand has an N-terminal and C-terminal direction. For optimal hydrogen bonding, strands pointing N --> C should alternate with C --> N strands in a sheet of the stuff. Although I kind of feel like this idea is shooting too low, actually. Flamethrower / Dragon breath: Fire-breathing dragons need to do two things. One: create an aerosol of flammable lipids. This part is simple enough that I don't feel any need to go into great detail -- the trickier issue is to prevent the resulting fire from excessively harming fuel-emitting orifice. Two: ignite it. This is where I'm not sure what approach would be best: use some sort of piezoelectric protein to create a spark to ignite it? Use a shift in electrolyte balance (Na+/K+ pumps) in some sort of electrical organ like an eel to generate a potential difference? Some sort of mixture of chemicals which ignite spontaneously stored separately in vivo but mixed upon emission? (hydrogen peroxide and aniline?)

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