Day 7: Free day – Dunnottar Castle and Stonehaven

Day 6: Workshops at Robert Gordon University
September 30, 2016
Day 8: Journey to Edinburgh
October 2, 2016

Day 7: Free day – Dunnottar Castle and Stonehaven

Visit Dunnottar Castle and Stonehaven

Date: October 1, 2016

Written by: Euis Hermiati


The Dunnottar Castle is located on the top of a cliff near the sea.  In order to get there we have to go down the cliff, and then go up another cliff.  The castle itself is ruined and is not used anymore.  It was quite scary, from when we arrived at the gate of the castle where people can buy a ticket to go into the castle area.  I did not go in there.  The scenery surrounding the castle is quite beautiful.  There was the sea with the morning sunshine, and bales in the fields.  We could also hear some seals barking.

In Stonehaven we enjoyed the seashore along the road and some delicious ice creams.  There are some caravans available for people who are interested in the area for leisure.